Minolta Dimage Scan Dual 2.0.1 Driver

It's not fancy like new model but does very decent job. And bumping up the contrast or letting Pixel Polish do it automatically clipped our shadow detail a bit more than we like. One disappointment remains. With the software expecting something to do, gently push the holder into the scanner.

Scanned negatives viewed on the computer screen are extremely vivid. Someone explain to me why scanner manufacturers always include a cable or two while printer manufacturers never do.

From a Kodacolor Gold negative. Image Correction can show a side-by-side view to assess changes made with any of several tools. You can even configure the Quick Scan button to run the Batch utility.

Instructions were very clear and easy to follow and we got excellent results quickly. This one has already broken down. Great film scanner for best price.

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Also, unlike some listings, it came with the photo software. The scanner I replaced with this one lasted years and scanned many photos. This is the perfect scanner for negatives and slides. So you can profile the scanner in VueScan.

Perfect for adding favorite photos to a digital format, the scanner creates dynamic images from multiple mediums. Comes with everything pictured - including software and manual. Fast user switching is not supported on either Macintosh or Windows operating systems.

Even does and well enough with the film holder. It automatically detects and corrects dust, scratches, fingerprints, mildew and other blemishes on color film surfaces. Batch scanning with the holders works well, and is easier than the Nikon.

Easy Scan Utility provides simplified three-step scanning with on-screen instructions beginners can use with confidence. Indicators are embossed, but it would be nice to add Braille. Those holders are not to be found anywhere on the Internet unless you can find a broken scanner for parts. Emulsion down, right reading. We prefer to control the scanner from the software interface, but the button is helpful when the software fails to respond.

And the differences between the two models are noteworthy. The Scan Utility sports a complex interface with a help panel in the top right corner.

Good deal to have for archiving those old film stripe This is older generation of the DiMage scan Dual scanner. After configuring Master settings for the batch scan and initializing the scanner, 0r2078 driver you can scan holder after holder of images.

The faster speed seemed to make up for, well, everything else. The price may be the seller's own price elsewhere or another seller's price. We mere humans must fiddle with these things until, in exasperation, we frame the manual illustrations on the wall closest to the scanner.

It will be upside down as you load the holder. Probably its biggest drawback, though, is its lack of versatility. So if you're unhappy with your scan, change your settings and try it again. You can get the job done, but you have to work at it. Well, at least you don't have to worry about portrait and landscape orientation.

Konica Minolta Laser Printer. Printer Toner Cartridges for Konica Minolta. Overall I like the Minolta so much that I bought a second one to start scanning colour negatives. This is older generation of the DiMage scan Dual scanner.

Easy to understand controls make the scanner simple to operate even for beginners. Enjoy perusing favorite photos without the hassle of photo storage by scanning images into the computer using a suitable scanner. Exposure Control provides sliders for composite and individual channels.

Minolta Dimage Scan Dual Driver v2.0.1 Windows 9x/NT4/2000 English

This scanner comes with several holders for various types of film and slides. No other formats need apply. Apart from powering the scanner on or off and loading film holders, you really don't need to access it. It was easy to set up once the software was installed.

It presents the most bang for the buck, in terms of film scanners. We have been less thrilled with the main Scan utility, but the problem is the interface rather than the functionality. Below it but still to the left of the slot are the Scan and Eject buttons. An instruction manual and a warranty card complete the kit.

Detail shows light grain reduction and no sharpening. The scanner will grab the holder and feed it in to do an index scan, which shows the software what's in the holder. No box is included, well, the original box is not.

When the device talks to your computer, your computer will be able to recognize it. Really happy This scanner is great.