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My Toshiba Satellite M is less than a year old, but has encountered a fair share of problems. The one thing I did notice is the wires going to the connection on the left side has what I would call a severe bend or kink in the cable. Does it sound like a software problem to you? Pat, Do you see the vertical lines only in Windows? Sometimes it is blank or contains colored verticle bars.

In an other way it does, as most of the time I get the black screen when I turn the notebook on, it was only once or twice that the light went out while it was on. Screen is bright so no inverter problems. That is a really good idea to buy an extra warranty. Osi, Did you reseat the video cable connector on the motherboard? You should go with a dedicated video memory if you are looking for performance gaming laptops.

However, The display comes up perfectly using an external monitor. Actually heck, looking at it I dont see any screws or anything like that holding the screen on. However after I came back home, it happened again. Today I tried to connect to another external monitor. But, the external monitor works fine.

No backlight activity when pressing the suspend swith on board. Have you seen anything similar with this model? Each time, the display was perfect. Hey Mike, Usually a power problem will not affect the display. It does not give any display.

The Toshiba is on the buttom when starting up. How did Ed solve the problem? Check the lid close switch stuck, tap on it for a few times.

There is a possibility that the backlight bulb is dying. And where would I go to get a replacement cable for this? It will affect the entire screen and not the part of the screen.

On a white background they change to yellow. We usually get motherboards directly from Toshiba because we work mostly with warranty laptops.

Averatec makes aggressively priced laptops that often feature a compelling set of components for the price, toshiba satellite l755 network adapter treiber though we've heard some users complain about faulty systems and unreliable tech support. It looks like they have the video driver for Windows Me.

Try to tap on the switch a few times to turn on the backlight. At this point, if you have tested your laptop with a good known screen and a good video cable but still have no video, I would blame the system board.

Averatec 2200 drivers

Try it first before you ordered any parts. Use the email address provided. Try to reseat or replace the video cable.

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Averatec 2200 Series 2200 Drivers

Hi Jean, I am pretty sure it is not the video card, because you still can get a normal video on the external monitor. Anderson, I have attempted to solve the problem, unsuccesfully. When I turned it on, I could hear one beep sound and fan worked. If the display backlight sometimes comes back, then apparently the screen backlight bulb is fine.

If the external video is fine, then most likely the video cable is bad replace the cable or the video connector on the system board is bad replace the motherboard. Guido, Your laptop has a video chip integrated into the system board. Support for the driver should be included in windows-me. The display adapter system shows the default vga driver is in use.

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Both variants are possible. Display cable motherboard to display? Laptop screen shows strange colors.

The same will happen if I switch between external video and lcd. Disconnected laptop from external monitor, restarted laptop, laptop screen was perfect. It has come back now and is no longer covered. My Dell latitude c display only covers half of the screen.

Averatec 2200 drivers

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