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Mike, After you install a brand new hard drive you have to load the operating system and device drivers. How long have you owned the laptop? It mad a beep sound and shut down.

This is not a reply but a request for help. The laptop appears to be dead. Can anyone please help, i'm a bit of a novice with computers too. Dell Insperon press the start button, power light comes on, then a click and it goes dead.

Pressing the Power Button again gives the same results as mentioned in the previous paragraph. This process will erase everything from the hard drive and load everything back to factory defaults. Oscar, Most likely this is software relate issue. The laptop remains dead when turned off, but after half an hour of button pressing, the laptop switches on, and works and behaves as though nothing is wrong.

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BubbaJoe, The hard drive clicks and the laptop reboots? Wait for a few minutes then plug the power adapter and try turning the laptop on again. Try removing the hard drive and starting the laptop without it. What could be the probable problem? Windows would start normally, but then only a blank screen would appear.


Find a known good memory stick and test the laptop again. Other than these, the laptop was in working condition. Can you please help me with this. Try starting the laptop without battery installed. If the laptop boots fine without hard drive, probably this is your problem.

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Have a Medion Laptop that will not start. There is one in particular that has me puzzled. Any clue what could be wrong? No picture, completely black and it will be on with the power lights all lit up but it wont function at all. It looks like you have a few different modules to paly with, try installing them one by one into different slots.

Look at the Filter Keys option. Key keyboard isn't off you just need to hold each key for over a second. David Surgenor, Check the power adapter. Links to both utilities are on the right side of the website. Then after no set amount of time, i hear a clicking noise which gets louder and louder and then all of a sudden the laptop just goes off without any warning.

Have you Acer recovery partition? My Acer aspire laptop stays on for a few seconds and dies after a while even when its perfectly plugged on.

Community Experts online right now. Liquid spills are very unpredictable. You could install it with just P.

Can you boot in Safe Mode? Did you try replacing memory with anther known good modules? Emilio, Did you test the power supply? You can try minimizing the system as much as you can.

Acer Aspire Touchpad Scrolling Disabled After Windows 10 Upgrade

How do I enable the scroll option on my Acer Aspire laptop? Saved a lot of time for me as I had gotten out the screwdriver and was ready for some deeper work. Did you try the drivers Directly aspjre Acer support.

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Find out if you have failing hardware. Next evening when tried to switch on the problem was noticed.

What could be the problem? But there is no video, at all. Maybe there is a problem with the power jack?

Acer aspire keyboard touchpad not working? Acer aspire keyboard drenched in coffee.

Do not open the laptop or you can loose the warranty. Even when trying to enter safe mode too. Suddenly I heard a loud noise like something popped and then my computer shut down and since then I am unable to restart it again.

Listen for the hard drive sounds on start up. When i press power button, my laptop does not start, but on continuously pressing button it starts sometime and then work normally. Do you have two modules installed? Nothing happens after that.

If you do it again it'll enable your touchpad. There are two available drivers for your touchpad so try installing one of the two. Acer Aspire Scroll probem with smartpad I am unable to use the scroll on my pad, nvidia 66.93 drivers this is really annoying as i have to use the slide bar at the side of each window. Acer Aspire touchpad scroll not working I love this forum and have found a ton of useful information but this is my first time posting.

Yet, I do not seem to see any problems there. Run a free scan for Windows. Could be bad memory stick.

Next time I went to use the laptop the screen does not come on. Apparently one of the capacitors on the motherboard had blown up. It still not working at all. This may resolve the issue.